#URBANICLOVE on Instagram!

We were thrilled finding these photos taken by our dear customers with our new hashtag #UrbanicLove.  In case you missed last month’s post, we are now doing a monthly round-up of shots like this, featuring customer picks from around the shop. To participate, just tag us @urbanic and add our new hashtag so we can find them.  We’ll feature some of them and pick one instagrammer each month to receive a prize.  Vol.2 has a lot of great follows!  links included below.
PS:  Our April winner will be announced on instagram!
– Volume 2-
urbaniclove11_IG Post

top: @emphill + @whitneyleighmorris  |   bottom: @artbarblog + @tarajhazz


top: @whimsicarol + @jennyjaekim |  bottom: @soh18 + @fromraintoshine


– Volume 1 –

Okay guys, we have new idea brewing over here at Urbanic that we’re pretty excited about.  Thanks to Instagram, we often get to see your pictures of what you’ve picked out from the shop.  We love this so! –  and always look forward to seeing your posts pop up. Today we are officially starting a new hashtag for these pics called #Urbaniclove.  Here’s the best part:  Each month we’ll pick a handfull of photos to feature on Instagram + Parcel Post  (so style ’em up pretty!).  One instagrammer chosen will get a prize in the mail as a ‘thank you’ for being so awesome. You just need to tag us @urbanic + use the hashtag #urbaniclove in your post so we can see them.   We’ll be posting the first week of every month, so be sure to check back. Below is vol.1, a little round up of some of our New Year’s cards that were posted. Seemed like a fitting way to kick things off

top @mailmodels & @kate & birdie |  bottom @joannepio &  @abilosli
Thanks for the pictures ladies! Be sure to email us your address so we can send you a little something!