Urbanic | Hometown Venice

I just had to share this adorable little feature that Meg from Belle and Union Co did on us for her Instagram column  ‘Hometown Tuesday’. Each week she interviews one of the shops that carries her stationery collection to find out a little bit more about the hometown they are located in. Instead of using photography, she illustrates little doodles to bring the answers to life!   It was so fun to see her little depictions of the Venice life.  Our interview questions are posted below.  xo
Describe your hometown in a single word. Creative.
What makes your town home?  Living just a few blocks away from our shop which is frequented by the Venice locals – our neighbors. We love that our shop has become an essential part of the community and that our family has formed so many amazing relationships because of it. 
What made you want to open a shop/business here? Nestled on the Westside of this big global city of Los Angeles, Venice is a small gem of a neighborhood full of eclectic charm, amazing architecture and populated with many different types of creative people that have an appreciation for the aesthetics of good design. 
What’s the most iconic spot in town and why? The Venice canals. One upon a time (early 1900’s) Venice, CA was built with streets made up of water ways that were woven through the city to resemble Venice Italy. It was a resort town which became known as the ‘Coney Island of the Pacific’.These days many of the canals have been filled in with streets, but the ones that are still intact are charming, historic and makes for absolute eye candy on a neighborhood stroll. 
How do you know when you are “officially” a local? When you realize that nobody in your neighborhood, (including yourself) has moved their car in a week!  So many people here have unique occupations that do not require a 9-5 commute. Venice is one of the few places in LA that you can easily get around by foot, bicycle, skateboard, etc.