Ups & Downs in 2024

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Happy New Year! (Ignoring any cut-offs on saying that. ;) How's your year going so far?
For me, it has been a bit unpredictable. For starters, we got locked out of Urbanic's internal system last week. So if you recently sent me/us an email, it may have gone to the Land of Nowhere! So sorry about that! Please reach out again — I want to make sure nothing is missed. We're back up and running again thanks to our team who did an amazing job to get it all figured out.
Other than this unplanned glitch, things have also been unpredictably wonderful. I'm not sure exactly why to be honest, but I think it has to do with a new outlook I have on life — which is to be more trusting and see it as a ride that I'm on rather than one that I'm trying to operate. This makes everything feel lighter, brighter and more adventurous.
2024 will undoubtedly bring us all spontaneous ups & downs but here's to making sure we remember to look for silver linings... find nuggets of humor... keep sight of all the wonderful little things that make us happy.
I hope you're feeling optimistic, too.
Will write again soon. xo
P.S. Speaking of wonderful things: My team and I designed some adorable goods for the shop. We're so excited and cannot wait to show you. Stay tuned! ❤