We get to vote!

Vote postcards for 2020 Election — Perk of the Month: Free postcard stamps with Go Vote! postcard set


Election Day is one month away! So when we came across these adorable postcard sets from Mr. Boddington, we immediately stocked up. And to encourage this kind of good mail, we're excited to offer our first Perk of the Month: Complimentary postcard stamps with each order of these Go Vote! postcards

✩ Here's a wonderful resource to help you make a plan to vote with ease ✩



Support USPS with more mail and stamp purchase


We just got in these cute-as-can-be Supporting the USPS cards! They are the perfect excuse to send more mail and priced to move to as many mailboxes as possible. We care so deeply about a thriving postal service and hope every little bit helps, stamp by stamp.