Send Love

What the world needs now is love, sweet love! And sending love — the old fashioned way with a handwritten note — is always needed. With Valentine's Day around the corner, we are encouraging you to find the simple supplies and few minutes needed to send love to everyone in your world. Stop by Urbanic for the most beautiful paper (or your neighborhood spot if you aren't local), and get a'mailing. And because we really mean it, we've included a free printable to help you send love. No excuses.    XOXOXO
Feeling a little Anti-Valentine's? We get it and you're not alone. Sometimes February 14th is just another day. We think a funny card to make someone laugh is just what's needed.

Made of Hearts • The USPS just released this year's Forever Love stamp and we are in love. Designed by Antonio Alcalá, the stamp features a big heart made of up small red hearts, surrounded by tiny pink hearts — it's the perfect decoration for your Valentines' envelopes (and beyond). If you're like us and googoo for postage, check out this History of Love Stamps.