Open For Humans | Guest Window

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting up with Melanie and Todd from Open For Humans. They are a structural branding + experimental design house located in downtown Los Angeles and are amazingly creative.  OFH specializes in collaborations with brands to design spaces and implement artful installations, so when they approached me with the idea to create a window install for Urbanic with bright hued envelopes trickling down like falling confetti  – I knew right away they would be fun to work with!
We came up with the campaign #SendGoodMail to reflect the thoughtfulness of the hand written letter.  It’s a feel good act both to send and to receive – right?! …   So why not celebrate it!
I will casually also mention here that Open for Humans is quite skilled at guerrilla marketing!  Together we came up with something that we thought was truly ‘post-worthy’, and I will just end it here by saying that this stencil may or may not have appeared on the sidewalk in front of the shop the middle of the night! 
PS check out what else they do – > here!