Boardwalk Bike Ride

From time to time I contribute on my friend Nole’s blog, Oh So Beautiful Paper. I was feeling particularly inspired about the idea of boardwalk bike rides this month, since Joshua and I are taking our boys on a little trek to the East Coast next month & will be visiting Ocean City, NJ  –   (the beach city where I vacationed growing up).  I’m sharing the post with you here also with some goodies I picked out from around Urbanic and beyond of some favorite boardwalk inspiredthings.  (just insert the fresh Atlantic ocean breeze).
{1. Garance Doré  2. Salty Road 3. Lark Pres 4. Flakes Paperie 5.Alee+Press 6.Bike bells 7. Quill and Fox 8. Printable Quirks 9. Studio Oh 10. Wayne Pate 11. Thimble Press 12. Aquiesse}