A Sincere Apology, and Wholehearted Thank You

Thank you.
I received an email from a devoted Urbanic customer letting me know that she was in the shop the other day but felt uncomfortable as there were more people inside than felt was safe.

I was so appreciative of this feedback because, more than anything, I (and we) want every experience you have with Urbanic to be warm, safe and happy.

We actually had a staff meeting just prior to receiving this email where we discussed the difficulty of monitoring the door while at the register with a customer. It has been a hard thing for all of us to manage.That being said, we understand the importance and will now overlap staff to ensure there are only a safe number of people inside. We appreciate your patience with us as we continually figure out this new time, and please know that your feedback — whether good or constructive — is hugely important to us.

My salutation in this letter is a sincere thank you.

Thank you for being with us and for making this business so valuable in much deeper ways than just sales.

Wishing you and yours a very warm, safe and happy Thanksgiving.
Signed, Audrey Woollen