Project: Fall Plume Wreath | Window

We originally found this idea of making paper dahlias online here using scrapbook paper sheets. Inspired, we crafted and designed our fall window at Urbanic making a trail of Fall Plume Wreaths.
Here’s how you make it.
What You Need :
☐ 3-4 sheets of double sided wrap (at least 19 x 27 )
☐ hot glue gun and glue sticks
☐ 8-inch cardboard cake circle
☐ scissors or a paper cutter
☐ double stick tape
☐ a really good play list (or entertaining friend)
Project Instructions :
1] cut paper down into 4 inch squares (you’ll need about 80)
2] roll them into cones and close them with double sided tape on the inside
3] glue cones at the base to the cake circle starting from the outside overlapping in
4] hang and enjoy!
Here’s how we incorporated these wreaths into our fall window at Urbanic