Hello Hostess!

We just had to share this little round-up we did for our friend Nole’s blog this month of some gifts we think are perfect for your host/hostess.  During this time of year when our social calendars seem to be filling up endlessly it’s always a good idea to leave a little token of gratitude to our hosts.  Admittedly, I’m happily burning the ‘Hearth’ candle right now as I type this, … and it’s nothing short of amazing.
xo *A
Urbanic Hello Hostess
1. Card: Idlewild Co. 2. Ornaments: Scotch & Cream 3. Chocolate Bars: Mast Brothers 4. Candle: Linneas Lights  5. Matches: Skeem 6./7. Card: The Found  8.Card: Cardtorial 9. Mug:Wild & Wolf 10. Styled Book: Emily Henderson  11. Scissors: Rupalee  12. Calendar : Snow and Graham 13. Pencil Sets: Rifle Paper Co.  14. Pendleton journal Set: Chronicle Books  15. Card: Dear Hancock