Egg Nog Stand for Charity


Over the weekend, we had the idea to build an eggnog stand for our boys & their little friends in front of the shop. We wanted them to feel that they could be involved in the ‘giving’ part of this holiday season, so we found a local charity for them to donate to. – It was beyond adorable!



It was a true collaborative effort to make this happen. Our friends from 100 Layer Cakelet joined us w/ their boys and baked up some gingerbread cookies to sell.  My friend Emily whipped us up all of this cute signage for us, & the boys worked the booth (while having their share of cookies!)


They raised almost $100 bucks and I loved seeing how this made people smile as they walked by.




Jennifer Naraki jumped in & shot the photos for us and captured it perfectly.


There was true holiday spirit shining through this little booth – the stuff that makes Christmas so magical.

xo *A

p.s  More pictures up on the 100layercakelet Blog

{photos by Jennifer Naraki}