straight extra virgin olive oil - 50ml jar

straight extra virgin olive oil - 50ml jar

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Family owned since 1919, Ancient Groves was born thanks to the hopeful ambition Demetri, and Eleni. Founded with a back to basics belief that mother nature knows best, and her greatest gifts come from ancient ecosystems just as nature intended. Our idyllic act of passion continues today, not from an ivory tower estate but humble, and blissfully undomesticated ancient groves. Authentic, sustainable celebrations of nature’s gifts made possible through resolute defiance, and wonder. As a reaction to dangerous, falsified American Whiskey, the Bottled in Bond act of 1897 gave consumers confidence by applying the strictest governing standards to spirit manufacturers. At Phaedra Ancient Groves, we’ve emulated that obsessive accountability creating a first ever Bottled In Bond Straight Extra Virgin Olive Oil. One Olive Species. One Origin Grove. One Harvest Season. One Milling Craftsman. Packaged By One Producer. Bottled Green. Never Blended. First Press Cold Mechanical Extraction. Origin Grove Over 500 Years Old. Tree To Cask In Under 12 hours. Single Grove Traceability. Small Batch Lifecycle. Unfiltered. Organic. Raw.

Bottled In Bond Straight Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Made in Greece