roaming america: exploring all the national parks

roaming america: exploring all the national parks

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On April 1, 2017 we arrived in California to pick up our van Ruby, a 1988 Westfalia Vanagon that would become our home for a good part of that year.

Our journey saw us travel 25,000+ miles/40,000+ km, across 39 states, to two US territories, on 26 flights, and along countless hiking trails. Despite all the incredible experiences we were able to have, this was ultimately a working trip for us, and those seven months turned out to be the most rewarding and exhausting days of our lives.

This book is the result of our seven-month journey to all the national parks, hours of editing photographs, recording our memories to best share our story. May you feel a connection to the national parks be inspired to take more outdoor adventures and be a steward for protecting this beautiful world we call home. This unique travel guide gives you first hand details on all 59 National Parks on their beauty, accessibility, availability/ease of transport, crowds, facilities, and how photogenic they were.

304 pages

8.48 x 1.41 x 11.07 inches