Our Team

Audrey Woollen

owner, buyer, creative director

Audrey is a tastemaker. She's creative, spontaneous and the ultimate hostess.
She loves board games, flea markets, cucumber drinks and an occasional parade.
You can often find her wearing gold hoop earrings, daydreaming about badminton,
or eating ice cream at random times of the day. She is the warm-hearted momma
of two little boys. Stationery is her passion, second only to her family.

Fan of: graph paper
Not a fan of: ginger

Cecily Tasker

head of operations, online sales manager

Cecily has roots in Albuquerque New Mexico. She loves crafting,
old Star Wars movies and has an amazing shoe collection.
She is a dog lover extraordinaire.
If you come into the shop with your dog, she is the gusher.
When she's not at work she loves to help out at dog rescue organizations.

Fan of: the talking heads
Not a fan of: the comic sans font

Melody Hansen

design coordinator, creative merchandiser

Melody rides her cute green bike to work every day.
When she's not working wedding appointments or merchandising the shop,
you can find her making and building beautiful things, petting her
2 black cats and eating ice cream. She especially likes balsamic strawberry,
and salted caramel.  

Fan of: harry potter
Not a fan of: cilantro 

Jenny Kim

graphic designer, accounts associate

Jenny is one of the few people in the universe who is great with numbers and design. 
She can teach us a thing or two about making sunny side up eggs and has a slight
obsession with beautiful doors. When she's not working at the shop you might find her
on a solo adventure in LA, watching Wheel of Fortune or eating Earl Grey pistachio pie. 

Fan of: natural ribbons
Not a fan of: crooked things

Nariné Riley

design coordinator, sales associate

Narinė has the gift of Southern Hospitality down to a science.
She is full of positive energy and loves wearing stripes.
When she's not working in the shop you can find her 
hiking new places in L.A, making craft cocktails and taking workshops.
Dunkin' doughnuts coffee is her heaven in a cup

Fan of: punk rock music
Not a fan of: spelling errors

Kelsey Wisdom


Kelsey is native California girl who loves writing letters, and being creative. 
She's great at filling awkward silences with even more awkward conversation
and loves herself a good frou frou coffee drink. She's the most fashionable
book worm you will ever meet. 

Fan of: haagen daz caramel cone
Not a fan of: doing only one thing