sparrows newsstand blend 12 oz

sparrows newsstand blend 12 oz

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Base Component: Osvaldo Benavides - Narino, Colombia
Accent Component: Chocaman - Veracruz, Mexico
Process: Washed
Notes: Dark chocolate, fig, sweet citrus, rich, deep

Newsstand Blend’s balance is perfectly suited to be an approachable cup of brewed coffee, with its deep sweetness, and subdued but present vibrancy. As espresso, its brightness takes more center stage, without overpowering the shot - ideal for a contemporary espresso experience. 

Base Component: Currently steering this ship’s direction is a wondrously rich and velvety coffee from Colombia’s Narino region. Its producer, Osvaldo Benavides, is a member of the FUDAM producer association. Since 1999, FUDAM has inspired the best work in its community of coffee producers, throughout a variety of projects. 

Accent Component: Lending this blend its smooth and creamy backbone, this coffee hails from the state of Veracruz, located on Mexico’s gulf coast. It’s produced by growers in the Catuai Amarillo cooperative, with support from the larger Incafesam union. Composed of lots from around 40 - 50 growers, these coffees often have notes of lemon meringue, orange peel, and honey.