It all started with the perfect letter.

Audrey Tantaros, a native East Coaster working in the NYC fashion industry, met Joshua Woollen, a native West-Coaster working in the LA entertainment industry. Sharing a passion for style and design, the two began expressing their affection through a creative long distance relationship -- sending each other handcrafted letters layered with collage and offbeat poetry. In 1998, less than a year after meeting, Audrey and Joshua fell in love. The two moved to Venice, California and began preparations for their wedding.

In their mission to find wedding invitations, they became aware of how hard it was to find something as unique and rare as their relationship was. Audrey decided to design them herself, eventually spawning her own line of cards and invitations.

After spending several years exploring the stationery industry, the couple found that distinct and modern stationery did exist; it just wasn't easy to find. Entrepreneurs at heart and a with love for their neighborhood, they were inspired to bring stylish and sophisticated invitations and paper products to Los Angeles. In 2006 they opened Urbanic Paper Boutique on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice.

"We’re equally inspired by the complex, organic beauty of nature as well as the modern, sophisticated style of urban living. We came up with the term Urbanic to encompass both."

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