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Evermore Paper at Urbanic

How amazing are these cards by Evermore Paper Co.?! Believe me when I tell you, that they are even more stunning in person.  Each card is hand cut and layered on contrasting paper which makes them extra-extra special. They are looking might fine on our shelves at Urbanic!



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Wednesday Valentines | Urbanic

… V A L E N T I N E ‘ S!  Hello friends! I feel like it has been ages since I’ve blogged here. So happy to be back. We’ve busy little bees around the shop these days gearing up for Valentine’s Day. Lots more coming soon on the ‘love’ horizon but for today, we’ll kick things off by highlighting this adorable collection from Wednesday Design. For whatever reason, I’ve had a thing for lightening bolts lately, so definitely feeling this one below.  xo

Wednesday Valentines | Urbanic Wednesday Valentine's | Urbanic Wednesday Valentine's | Urbanic

We’ve got them ‘em the shop and a few in the pop-up

{photos by Wednesday}


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As many of you know, Joshua and I have been diligently and excitedly working on building an Urbanic online store.  It’s scheduled for it’s official launch in early 2013, so we thought that in the meantime we’d offer you a temporary Pop Up Shop!  It’s a fun little curated selection with limited quantities. We’ll be adding new things each week to keep it exciting, so feel free to have a peek and browse around. Be sure to click “see all” when you visit, so you can check out what’s been added.  It’s been so neat for us to ship out orders from this.  We love feeling connected with many of you beyond our local neighborhood.  If you’d like to be added to our newsletter list for updates on the official site launch you can sign up here to be one of the first in the know.
Happy Monday all!



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I share a lot on this blog about things going on in the shop, but from time to time I like to put up some of the happenings in our family life as well. This post is really special for me to share with you today as it captures a cherished day in our lives.  A while ago I had heard about a train ride at Fillmore and Western Railway that takes you to a Christmas Tree farm where you can chop down your own tree. This was a totally new experience for us and we thought it would be lots of fun for our little guys – so we bought our tickets!  Our friends Danielle and Kevin of The Why We Love came aboard with us that day and captured the details of our quest to find the perfect tree in these beautiful photos and Super 8 video. We are SO lucky to know them and are completely in love the creative way they captured our experience. Their style of photography is so “us” and it’s such a treat for us to have our family portrait in motion!!  They added a few additional pictures to their blog as well right here. A huge thanks to them for them for being beyond amazing and to Cyd for her sweet post.



111203_Woollen_Christmas_Story-1336 TWWL-Woollen_Christmas-1 TWWL-Woollen_Christmas-9




{photos by The Why We Love}


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I thought I was one of the rare few that grew up with canned cranberry sauce every Thanksgiving of my childhood -  but apparently I’m not the only one!  I love you Dear Hancock for making a card out of it (and all of these other great ones) which are so perfect for this time of year.


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