Below are just a few from our Mother’s Day selection this year at the shop.

happy weekend!

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One of the coolest parts of living in L.A. is hands down the creative types of people you get to meet everyday. Since I opened the shop I’ve been lucky enough to get to know the brilliant folks behind Greenroom. We all know them. They’re that cool line of recycled stationery in the office section of Target. People think that because I have a stationery store I have no reason to buy another piece of this stuff. Total myth. I actually have lots of it and get excited every time Greenroom puts out a new collection.  That being said here are a few shots of their new release.


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Many people don’t know that there is a little corner in the shop dedicated to all things adorable for the smallest people in our lives. We keep it stocked with things like baby memory books, modern frames, hand and footprint molds, natural sunscreens, thank you cards, coloring books, bib and burp sets, stroller blankets, touch and feel books and modern mobiles.  You can count on finding a perfect little gift that is cute, but not “too cute” if you know what I mean.  It’s tough in the world of baby product to find such things but we’ve succeeded and are quite proud!  Below are just a few favorite things from the little corner…


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Happy Easter, from our home to yours.




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How is it Friday already?  Below is some of my favorite eye candy from around the web this week. I’m loving the juxtaposition of the masculine wood grain stripes  and industrial green lockers combined with the bright rainbow spectrum of colors.

happy weekend all!


{flower lockers  here + notecards here}

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