These Jonathan Adler ornaments arrived at the shop and I’m beyond excited to start decorating / gifting with them.  Apparently so is everybody else since were almost out of them already, but not to worry, the reorder has been placed!



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Wow, I can’t believe it’s Black Friday already today.  I guess this is the official kick-off of the holiday season! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday and that I see you at the Urbanic Holiday Event this week. We’ll be having lots of fun making paper garlands out of Snow & Graham wraps!

p.s more inspiration on what you can do with S+G wraps on Ebony’s blog.


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It’s a week of thanksgiving and what better way to share your thanks than these limited edition sets from SimpleSong.  I love the idea of passing these little cards around the dinner table before giving thanks.  Each set contains 6 lists and pencils stamped with the word “thankful” in gold.  If those aren’t cool enough, there is also ‘thankful garland’ available for your decor needs.  Letterpressed tags attached on jute twine  =  the perfect way to accent a table.   (get them here)



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With the holidays rapidly approaching, I have time management on the mind.  We send out a few hundred holiday cards from the shop, and then I have our family cards to send out as well. That being said, I don’t plan on writing out our return address 500 times!  I’m all over our custom return address options this year, for my personal mailings and to give as gifts.

Option #1 (above) custom wood stamps by Paperwink.  $28 each plus you can order colored ink pads in red, blue if you’re not feeling the black.

Option #2 Pica custom labels. $40 for 60 custom labels. peel em’,  stick em’,  DONE.  (…and cute!)

Option #3 If you aren’t into manual stamping, or peeling|sticking then how ’bout pushing? These self-inking stamps from 3DW come in like 60+ styles to choose from. $45 bucks will get you one of these inking champions.

IF you would like to order any of these custom return address labels but don’t live near the store, let us  know, and we’ll email you the order forms! (



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It’s always a treat to get a new shipment of cards in from Enid Wilson at the shop. Her style is like no other.


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