Arriving at the shop any day are the new 2011 Snow and Graham calendars! They came up with 5 different formats this year, each of which is beyond adorable.  For all of you who’ve been on the eternal quest to find a fill-in calendar without cuddly pets, lighthouses, country quilts or bikini babes, your search is finally over and the future is looking bright!


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Wow.  Last night was HITCHED and it was more amazing than we could have ever imagined to say the least!  There was confetti flying, people dancing, fun music, delicious food, and creative beauty everywhere!  Good times all around.  To all of you who came out thanks for making this an epic event.  For all of you who couldn’t, I will be recapping with some photos this event and the creative inc. party event, as soon as we get all the pictures in. Stay tuned for that but for now, here are a few below taken from my phone…

happy weekend,


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We just received the new collection of Kate Spade Paper at the shop, including adorable sticky note sets, 2011 calendars, notebooks, writing kits, and agendas.  I am completely girl-ing out over how cute these illustrations are by Jenni Bowers.  Seriously though …  snowcaps, 3d glasses, postage stamps, beach umbrellas, and tandem bicycles? Could this get any better?

P.S below are some shots from the 2011 calendar…


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Every year our entire street closes off to traffic and opens up to a huge street festival. The day is full of music, shopping, food, games, and lots of fun. Hope you’ll stop in and see us this Sunday! *A


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Happy Friday everyone!  We had an incredible evening hosting the Creative Inc. Party at the shop last night. It was SO great meeting so many of you, and sharing in the excitement of Meg and Joy’s amazing new book!  For those of you who couldn’t make it, I’ll be posting a full recap next week.  Until then, here are a few pictures grabbed from some twitter recaps.  Have a great weekend!  xo *A


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