New to Urbanic is Kamal!

I found her at the NSS and loved how refreshing and unique her designs are.  My absolute favorites are these letterpress recycled chipboard coasters.  They are great for entertaining and even home decor!

175-1 175

175-2 300-3


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When I was little, my parents were very good about remembering to put a little present under my pillow every time I lost a baby tooth.  It was so fun to wake up and discover the surprise. Almost as fun, was finding these adorable Tooth Fairy Kits by Notion Farm.  We just got them in at Urbanic!




features include: “One letterpress Certificate of Record for filing with the local tooth fairy, and one reusable silkscreened cloth deposit bag for your first and all subsequent transactions”


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I am surrounded by beautiful things everyday which is a major part of my inspiration here at Parcel Post.  Lately I have been realizing that without the beautiful people I am surrounded by in and around the store, all of this would feel empty.


I love our family here at Urbanic!  Above are some photo booth pics that our girls TessJanean and Cristin took this week.  Celia is missing in these shots as she was most likely preforming somewhere (she is a brilliant singer songwriter). Joshua and I literally searched high and low for our staff. It was worth the hundreds of interviews because we adore these ladies with all of our hearts!


We work very closely with our brides (and grooms) and genuinely build relationships with them in the course of the whole invitation process.  When a bride leaves the store overjoyed after picking up her invites, I get a gigantic rush of happiness.  In my work environment, there is nothing that compares to this feeling of accomplishment.  This is what we strive for everyday!  This week I received a thank you card from one of our wonderful brides and it meant the world to me.  I know how crazy and busy it is in the midst having a wedding.  Her taking the time to do this was so thoughtful.

When I first opened the store 3 years ago and got my business cards printed, I didn’t love how the color brown came out and felt sick about it since I had printed 8,000 of them. It was my fault because I chose the pantone, and couldn’t justify re-doing the whole job since the 200lb stock paper was so pricey.  I am happy to say that I have learned a lot about printing since then and figured out how to mix a custom pantone color!  This week we finally reprinted the cards and our printers comped me the job, remembering the agony I went through when I first opened. They are amazing!


Everytime I see a customer signing up on our mailing list, I feel honored and even flattered that they want us to keep them informed of our happenings.  I was watching a memory clip of Michael Jackson last night on the news where he was sincerely telling his fans that he loved them.  I feel this way about our customers.


The mail arrived as I was sitting here writing this post. I got a card from Erika at Delphine thanking me for the order I placed at the NSS.  This reminded me to include the talented group of designers we work with.  Everything in our store is hand picked from who we consider the nation’s top designers.  It is so nice to receive friendly notes with our orders, mid day emails, and a random visits from them every now and then! I really appreciate some of the friendships we have built.

I think the sadness of yesterday made me a little more in touch with my treasures today.


happy weekend,



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It is always exciting to get a new candle line in at Urbanic! Linnea’s lights was a real treat to discover. The hand stamped packaging is to die for and how cute is it that it comes with a handy little box of matches?!  Some of our favorite signature scents are, cashmere, currant rouge, yuzu, sweet grass and bamboo.




packaging designed by Eric Kass at Funnel


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I Have been having a hard time getting back to work this week. This past Saturday, Joshua and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and had a little stay-cation at one of our favorite hotels right down the street.  These 10 years have gone by really fast. Its even shocking for us to tell people.

I feel so lucky to be married to my best friend.

- ♥ -


photo by Paul Hagon


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